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We are your choice for boat storage in Maine. With storage rates starting at $500 per unit, premium care for your boat has never been so affordable. Our state of the art 11 acre service and storage facility has the capacity for over 500 boats, and our factory certified technicians guarantee that the job will be done right the first time. We exclusively use genuine Mercury, Yamaha, and Volvo Penta lubricants, making sure your boat gets the attention that it deserves. Let Long Lake Marina take care of your boat this year, and next year it will run better than ever!


Storage Rates

(All Storage Prices Include Spring Prep Service!)

  • Heated On Trailer Storage$2250
  • Heated Rack Storage$1850
  • Indoor On Trailer Storage$1750
  • Indoor Rack Storage$1350
  • Outdoor Shrink wrap$1250
  • PWC Heated$750 Per Unit
  • PWC Indoor$600 (Single) $900 (Double)
  • PWC Shrink Wrap Outdoor$500 (Single) $800 (Double)

Winterization Rates

  • Twin Engine Jet Boat$690
  • Single Engine Jet Boat/Pwc$375
  • Ski Boat$575
  • 4 Cylinder Sterndrive$500
  • V6-V8 Sterndrive$575
  • Outboard Motor Up To 60HP$400
  • Outboard Motor 61HP - 200HP$450
  • Outboard Motor 201HP And Up$550
  • Ballast/Water System$90
  • Spring Prep Service; Spring Prep service includes charging of batteries, running motor(s) on hose up to proper running temperature. A go through of all boat functions and electronics, (Lights, Radio, Speakers, Bilge Pumps, Blowers, Ballast Pumps, etc…). Labor for spring prep is included in storage price, CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR COST OF PARTS IF NEEDED DURING SPRING PREP PROCESS!

Cleaning Rates

  • Boat - Exterior Acid Wash$300
  • Boat - Interior and Exterior Wash with Acid$700
  • Boat - Full Detail with Buff & Wax$1100
  • PWC - Wash$150
  • PWC - Buff & Wax$450

Shrink Wrap Only Rates

  • Boat ShrinkWrap Only Go Home$750
  • PWC Shrink Wrap Go Home$200 (Single) $300 (Double)

(Boats Only) $15.00/day after June 1st of each year, unless prior arrangements have been made. The above fee to be charged whether the boat has been launched or not. $400 summer storage if not using the unit for the summer season.


Any other additional services specified by the owner on either boat/motor,together with any parts which may be necessary to accomplish any service set forth in this agreement, or specified by owner, shall be billed at regular long lake Marina prices.


(Boats Only) The above fee include the hauling and launching of the boat at Long Lake Marina at it's facilities located in Naples, Maine. Pickup and/or delivery of a boat at the other location is an additional cost.


The above storage fees for the boat include the storage of the trailer upon which the boat will be stored. If owner does not have a trailer, Long Lake Marina shall store the boat in an upright position using styrofoam or wood blocks.


Treat fuel supply, change engine oil and filter, change water separation fuel filter (if applicable), change outdrive gear lube (if applicable), change spark plugs (outboards, jet product) drain engine of water, flush with non-toxic anti-freeze, fog engine, grease all fittings, disconnect battery.