Pick Your Path

Are you looking for the absolute best deal on in-stock inventory or would you prefer to build your dream boat? Both options work because manufacturers are looking for Long Lake Marina to pre-sell new product as well as selling the rest of our in-stock inventory. We have both on display in the area’s largest indoor showroom.


Contrary to popular belief, our best selection of inventory comes during the Fall. Due to the popularity of our brands, inventory selection gets very slim during the summer. In our industry, this is also the best time that you can custom order your next boat.

Order Your Dream

Being a seasonal industry, our customers typically don’t have the ability to custom order their dream boat. Purchasing during the Fall gives you the time and ability to custom order your boat and have it ready early next season. When you are making this type of investment, why settle for anything other than exactly what you are dreaming of?

Seasonal Savings

We provide our largest discount during the Fall due to many reasons. Additional sales in the off season provide cost savings to us and we pass those on to you. The more boats we can sell during the season allow us to plan our inventory for the next season much better. We are very aggressive in pricing for customers who choose to purchase during this time.

Best Trade Value

Avoid an additional year of depreciation. YOUR TRADE-IN WILL BE ONE YEAR OLDER NEXT SEASON. We are also more aggressive on trades this time of the year, because we have to restock our pre-owned inventory for the next season.

Service & Storage Terms

Trade now and we absorb the cost of your current boats winterization, service and storage. Depending on the type of boat, this can be several thousand dollars worth of savings.We will have your brand new boat ready for you in the spring.